Alina (left) has been working in language teaching industry for the last 21 years 👀 and she has been running a language school for the last 18 years. Embarking in the journey of entrepreneurship gave her the opportunity to bring her vision to fruition and fill a need she saw in local education 👨‍🏫.

She is always motivated to venture in new projects and work along professional teams.

In her free time you will very often find her gardening. So we will definitely plant some flowers 🌼🍀 for her in our virtual worlds.

Manuela (right) entered the field of education almost 13 years ago, after spending 8 years working in the financial field 🏦.

Any new project turns her into an eager child to play and innovate 🎮, but she also hopes that her attention to processes and details will be a great contribution to this project.