Josip is a CEO of Jantar – International House Split, one of the largest language schools and teacher training centers in Croatia. The combination of his education and training in the field of research 👨‍🔬 and experience in entrepreneurship 👨‍💼 allowed him to participate in several projects and receive multiple grants in the field of innovation. He was a lead researcher on the development of Amber School Manager platform, a project funded by an EU grant for innovation.

He is now working as a coordinator of the VR4LL project, which has been an amazing experience so far. He is very proud of the entire VR4LL team 👥 and believes they will accomplish great things together.

Born and raised on the coast, Josip is in love with the sea. In his free time he enjoys diving and water sports, but his biggest passion is kitesurfing 🌬💨🌊