Find out what we’ve been up to

  • 3rd Partner meeting – Split 12-15.07.2021

    After a year of restrictions we were all glad to meet in person for our third partner meeting in beautiful Split. The team had the chance to not only discuss the management tasks, but more importantly test out the environments together and strategies on the best ways to use the technology in classrooms!

    Partners also had a chance to establish the framework for the upcoming piloting activities, scheduled for November of 2021. A number of associated partners have already pledged participation in piloting events, enabling us to test VR4LL on greater number of students and obtain more relevant data.

  • First transnational teacher training event – Split 3-9.07.2021

    “We use VR in education to explain something that is otherwise quite difficult to explain” – these were the words with which Frank Del Aguila Espejo commenced the transnational teacher training event, held at Jantar – International House Split. This three-day training event was attended by more than 20 teachers from all partner institutions. Participants had an opportunity to test out a number of exciting and engaging VR tools and apps that can be applied in language teaching using the new Oculus Quest 2 headset.

  • Completed primary development of Virtual Tasks 31.03.2021

    Our second intellectual output – Virtual Tasks – includes (as the name suggests) a series of tasks that students need to complete inside our Virtual Worlds. Most of these are designed as digital escape rooms and require students to solve a series of puzzles and other activities in order to reach the final goal. Others are designed to facilitate creativity and experimentation through different construction-type activities.

    This intellectual output is designed to facilitate language learning through student engagement and communication and integrates innovative teaching methodologies such as task-based learning and total physical response.

  • Newsletter #3 03.12.2020

    After months of development we’ve reached a state of near completion for all 4 worlds. Some fine tuning will be done over the next year, however the focus now shifts to creating the interactive tasks that are the basis of the language learning process.

  • 2nd Partner meeting – Barcelona (Online) 29-30.06.2020

    We couldn’t deprive ourselves of the precious few opportunities to get together for a face-to-face brainstorming. And so we held our regular partner meeting virtually. It was really useful to exchange ideas with other members of the project and also ask the development team technical questions regarding the implementation of these ideas.

  • Newsletter #2 17.06.2020

    In this newsletter we shared the first impressions of staff and students after experiencing the alpha build of the first world. The feedback was amazing! So we strive on.

  • Newsletter #1 27.01.2020

    Announcing VR4LL to the world. In the first iteration of our regular newsletter we set the stage for what is to come; what the project is and what worlds will be the theater for the program.

  • Team meeting Croatia 01.02.2019

    It was a pleasure and privilege hosting our first partner meeting Škola Jantar. We enjoyed every minute on working together and we’re all excited about the next phase of our VR development 🎮💻